Sold 60 gallon cube $200


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Jun 27, 2021
Mesa, AZ
I’m selling my 60 gallon cube. Decided I’m going to keep going and time to upgrade. (The BRS ULM series sold me on the 60 cube and it’s been great!) Priced at $300 $275.

Visio tank with a back corner overflow. The back is painted black.

The tank does have some scratches in the glass. Took me a number of tries to get the right angle for them to show up in a picture which I’ve included below.

-Custom ClearView lid
-Trigger Crystal Cube 18 sump
-Plumbing (You will need to be able to cut and glue pvc to a bulkhead and Spears union valve. Blue pvc, bulkhead and union valve are included.)

I also have other items for sale that I’ll include in a separate post including vectra return pump, skimmer, mp10s, gyres, aquatic life T5 hybrid, and chiller that I need to upgrade for a larger system, but went well with the 60 cube.
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