Carlos 10g Nano


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Jun 25, 2021
This 10g was covered with bubble algae, and I was getting tired of seeing it getting worse. I came up with an attack plan.

1)WC every two weeks: 3-4 gallon of new water. I use a mixture of InstantOcean/ReefCrystals, match the tank Alk, and add MB7. Rinse the sponge of the AquaClear 50 w/the old water and I added to the hob filter a bag of SeachemMatrixBioMedia that also gets rinsed with old water when I do the wc.

2) I Added more corals!! Learned that from the Reefer Legend Mike Paletta, on a Youtube video he said that one way to keep nutrients down which in turn feed the ugly algae is to add corals.

3) Along with the water changes I would also remove the bubble algae manually, but I also invested in a couple of emerald crabs to help.

4)I also started dosing Vibrant once a week, and it has helped keep the algae and bubble algae away.

That was the plan, and it has paid dividends into a nice miniature display tank that I do enjoy. I hope if you are reading this it helps you in some way. Happy Reefing AZFRAG!