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Jun 28, 2021
Hi Robert,
Welcome...It is coffee time here.....Sounds like your off to a great start with your tank. What kind of acro do you have?
I am so glad this forum came to be, many thanks to all those staffers at AZFRAG who made this happen. This gives us all the opportunity to chat,meet local people, build friendships and help them if needed, like moving a tank etc, unlike other forums that have members all over the country/world.
I am also new to the AZFRAG group as a member. I have a 140 acrylic custom made to my size 72"x22"x20"high which has been running about 2 years now. Was mostly a few LPS and a lot of zoa's(my girls favorite). We now got drawn to sps also so right now we have a mixed reef going on.
I was in NY over 10 years ago and me and my friend were doing a little importing salt fish to our specific clients.
Things have really changed in the hobby/industry since my NY days.
We thought the 140 would be big enough for us but in Nov of 2020 we had a company we know build us a 300 acrylic to my specs and over flow design.
It is 3/4" thick acrylic with a 1"thick back panel. It also has a custom lid with return holes in the top of the lid edge which glued and 3 large openings.
It is 96"x30"x24"high and we plan to swap it out for the 140 soon and sell everything, except fish and corals.
I am in the process of making two 24"x28"x16"high race track design sumps myself. They will be tied together with a 3" pipe to control water equilibrium. Each will have its own return pump and UV. One will be mechanical/biological and the other mechanical/chemical and a stand alone 2 chamber refugium will over flow into each sump after the skimmer chamber. This will also allow me to clean a sump chamber when needed and not upset the bacteria balance in the tanks system to much.
This design still leaves me alot of room in the cabinet for dosing containers, ato etc and storage.
I been taking advantage of the marine depot clearance sale that started, I think on Tuesday. Stuff is marked down up to 40% off so far and alot of people must be also since stuff is getting out of stock. I got alot of Brightwell stuff, I stocked up, and got reactors for the new sumps. Some stuff they have not marked down yet or perhaps I think they wont and just move it over to BRS inventory because of the buy out.
Anyway have a great day and hope to meet you at the next AZ meeting...
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