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Sep 12, 2021
Hey Everyone,

So I’m trying to learn more about how lighting schedule and color spectrum can affect coral coloration and growth. I’d love to see some lighting schedules and maybe a little background on why you chose to set it up that way.
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Jul 5, 2021
Mike, I have a hybrid fixture that has LEDs, T5s and MH's. My schedule is basically:

LEDs come on at 073-0 and ramp to 100% mid day and ramp back down and shut off at 0915. They are used mainly for dawn/dusk cycle.
T5s come on at 10AM to 6PM. One pair comes on 20 min before the second and they they shut off opposite.
The MH's are on for 5 hours. Right come on 30min before the left and the left stays on 30min after the right one turns off.

This staggered on/off timing is to try and simulate the sun movement from east to west and keep from shocking the tank with 4 T5's and both MH's coming on at the same time. The moonlight is set to its dimmest setting and shines all night. I've had pretty good luck with this setting and the long cycle helps with PH. I have never measured PAR, but assume it's pretty high. My MHs are 250W DE 14K Phoenix bulbs.

The fixture is below. It is shown before I installed the moonlight in the middle panel. JP

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Jun 28, 2021
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