NEW to Market TRU COR'L DRI'L Real unbiased Review


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Jul 5, 2021
Big shout out to Jimmy(Sisterlimonpot) for finally delivering on my TRU COR'L DRI'L he has been working on for almost 2 years. I was starting to believe he bit off more than he could chew, but it sounds like it's paved the way for his new CUT'R frag saw that is sure to take the coral reefing community by storm.
Please keep an open mind while checking out this review. At first the DRI'L looks very much like a Childs toy, and I can vouch that is really what it is. Below are some pictures Jimmy says are from the marketing and sales brochures. BRS has seen this, and are passing. Once others post glowing reviews like this, I'm sure they will re-evaluate.
His "My Tools" store currently shows these in stock, but they are over priced at $29.99.

Here is the unit prior to shipping to me for review

Terrifying rock POV

He also included some 3D printed safety goggles and what appears to be a 3D printed drill bit (this included drill bit is worthless)

Complete set (You'll want a masonry bit to do actual work with)

First Impression:
Out of the box I was very disappointed. At first glance it looks poorly designed, and feels cheaply made. The unboxing was nothing like an Apple experience. The bubble wrap appeared to have been used before, and had several smeared foreign substances, most likely boogers. It was shipped double boxed, but the outer box had been shredded during delivery. The 3D printed drill bit was loosely packed and slightly bent.

At first I thought the battery was dead. Turns out it spins at a max of 15RPM. While this will work once you insert a masonry bit, it took me the better part of 3 days to drill a hole 1/10 the depth of a frag plug. The safety goggles aren't really needed as I never got any debris to fly anywhere near off the rock. The goggles are very small, and would probably make a good Christmas gift for a child. There was no charging adapter included. Limonhead said it will charge on a cell phone charging pad. (Haven't tested this)

Not very impressive. I ended up having to throw the rock I drilled out. There was never any actual progress on the frag hole. What I thought was rock dust turned out to be 3D dust from the inside of the DRI'L due to motor bogging.

Since I was an Alpha tester, the unit was supplied for free. I won't ding it too bad because of this, but if I had paid anything north of $.50, I would have been very disappointed.
I did notice it floats, so maybe that's a bonus in a big tank.
The weak design and slow rotation of the bit insures no harm could happen during operation. I only know one person that could hurt themselves with this.
There is a neat little red LED aimed at what you're working on, but it seemed to have a poor connection and flashed most of the time. Maybe that is by design?
Could always be regifted to someone that has no idea what tools really are.
The cardboard package could always be utilized to light a fire, or for storage.
Nice homemade label saying "just like home". (I wish it was just like a drill)

Utterly worthless as a drill
Will aggravate you to the point you want to smash this thing into 100 little pieces. Probably not hard to do
3D drill bit - need I say more
Safety goggles to small for anyone over 5
No charging adapter
No swappable battery pack
No directions or specifications
Poor shipping
Many delays - surely this could have been developed sooner than 20 months. I know he spends a lot of time web trolling. (unfocused priorities)
Over priced

Full Disclosure - My intent isn't to slam Jimmy, or his upcoming frag saw that so many are looking forward to. Cut him some slack as he really tries hard. Some people should just buy stuff instead of trying to make it on their own. Please be careful what you talk about around him as he'll always chime in "Hey, I could make one of those".
Let's all continue to show the respect to Jimmy that we all agreed to privately. He means well.

I ended up giving this to my 3 year old grandson who promptly disposed of it. He has a toy DeWalt drill that is much more impressive, even though it's from a toddlers tool kit.


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Jun 21, 2021
Thanks Jon, that's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. A bunch of people kept telling me to exclude you from alpha testing. They said your portrayal of the drill wouldn't bear any fruit. I'm sure glad I didn't listen to them.

To the untrained eye, most people would view what you said as hurtful and mean or possibly stemming from jealousy. But I know that you truly want this drill to succeed.

I'm going to take the gold you just spun back to my team so we can get right to work fixing all these issues.

I for one am glad that you were able to rehome the drill and give it as a gift to your grandson to play with. It means the world to me that you trust the drill so much that you would give it to your own kin. I hope that he gets many hours of joy out of it. Perhaps, this is just the cynic in me, but I can envision him using that drill to hang the first picture in his first home. Oh, wouldn't that be something?

You truly are a kind sole and I am so lucky and honered to get to call you my friend.

Thanks Potter!


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Feb 23, 2022
Mesa, AZ
Hey, can I get one of those? (definitely need it free too, I only do free or paid product testing BTW). I need to drill holes in my new tank. @Jporter think this will drill glass? Oh, and the tank is full so the plan is to drill from the inside - hence it needs to be water proof - as this appears to be!
I'll write a full review of that process of course ;).
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