New to reefing with a penchant for blue - Waterbox 50 AIO in Chandler with the BEST TANK TRACKER EVER (maybe)


Sep 4, 2021
Hey all,

So I wish I had known about this before I started my build, I definitely would've taken more pictures during the setup part of the process. Alas, I'm taking more pictures now, so we're set up for success.

Anyway, I had the random idea to raise cuttlefish a few months ago in the year, and I started doing more and more research and that landed me on a 50 gallon, and thanks to some great online advertising I discovered Waterbox in July. My partner and I both liked the AIO Pennisula (and we never agree on anything) and so I ordered it in June. I'm in an apartment, so I've had to get a bit creative with limited wiring/plumbing/carpentry/size restrictions, but I'll be in a house next year so this is a good starter.

I keep track of EVERYTHING in this google sheet, it's updated multiple times a day. Even if there isn't any activity, I just change the format.

Also, I'm new to this, and I'm sharing everything I'm going through for feedback and for others. If I'm doing something wrong, tell me. No assumptions with me. I love this hobby because it lets me ask questions that are seemingly simple, and it's nice to learn something, so no feelings hurt here.

The Build-up to now (9/2/2021):
  • Waterbox 50 AIO Peninsula
  • 2X AI Nero 3's (Replacing
  • AI Hydra 32
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 2.0
  • Vivid Creations Random Flow Nozzle
  • Tunze 9004
  • AquaTop UV (Just the bulb)
  • Red Sea Reefdose 4
  • XP ATO
  • Advanced Acrylics ATO Tank
  • American Marine pH Monitor
  • AQQA Aquarium Heater
  • iLonda Automatic Fish Feeder
  • ANHAORUI 12 Outlet (6 Smart) / 4 USB Power Strip
  • RKIN RODI Machine
  • Interior Management - IKEA Skadis
    • 1X SKADIS Pegboard 30x22" (Back Wall)
    • 4X SKADIS Pegboard 14 1/4" x 22" (Both Doors, Cabinet Ceiling, Closed Cabinet Side)
    • 4X SKADIS Container (For Dosing Containers)
    • 3X SKADIS Container with lid (For Other Storage)
    • 2X SKADIS Elastic Cord (For Other Storage)
    • 4X SKADIS Shelf (For Food, Supplements, etc)
    • SKADIS Tool Holder (For Coral Scissors)
      • Similar Etsy 3D Printed SKADIS Hooks (For Various Tools)
    • Many SKADIS Hooks (For Various Tools)
    • 2X inTank Filter Floss Holders (For Various Tools)
  • Accessory Cart - IKEA RASKOG - For Acclimation/Testing/Water Change/General Storage
    • 3X IKEA ORDNING (Taller 7 1/8") - I put the fish bags in here for acclimation
    • 3X IKEA ORDNING (Shorter 5 3/8") - I put the fish bags in here for acclimation
    • 2X IKEA SUNNERSTA Containers
    • 1X IKEA PLUGGHAST Folder Pocket (For Documentation)
    • IKEA Baking Pan (I put this under the ORDNING's in case there's overflow with the drip)
    • Hanna testers
      • Nitrate HR 782
      • Nitrate LR 781
      • Alkalinity 772
      • Phosphate LR 713
      • Calcium 758
      • Salinity
      • TDS
    • Red Sea Iodine Tester
    • NYOS Magnesium Tester
    • Long Orange Gloves for Anemones
    • 2X IKEA SKADIS Clip (To Hold Gloves)
    • 6X AccuDrip Acclimation Kits
    • Pistol Pump Water Change Kit
  • inTank Filter Basket
    • Filter Floss
    • Purigen
    • Pure Blue
    • Waterbox Bio Balls & Charcoal
    • Egggcrates
  • Food/Hospital Tank (Food is starfish)
    • Aqeuon 5.5 Gallon
    • Tetra Lighted Lid
    • Tetra HT Heater (Auto to 78°)
    • Fluval Nano Filter
    • Backups:
      • Mini USB Pump
      • 4" Airstone
  • Sicce SDC 3.0 (Ordered)
  • ReefWave 25 (Considering it)
The Current Setup:

The good stuff:

Under the tank:

Tank Chambers:

Utility Cart:


Memorable Moments:

The calm before the storm:

Water Added:

First night:

Close up of the first coral:

Trying to be a good tank owner: