For Sale Rimless Prostar 200 - Entire System for $4,000


Sep 6, 2021
I am selling my entire Prostar 200 rimless system - tank, stand, and livestock. Located in Flagstaff. 150 gallon display and 35 gallon sump (which is well organized with remote LED under cabinet lighting). There is over $8,000 in equipment and over $3,500 in livestock/corals. I'm way more interested in selling the system (which I do realize is more challenging) then selling things piecemeal. You can text or call directly at 801-910-8777.


ProStar 200 rimless tank – 150g+35g sump
Precision fit net cover
30 gallon U-line HDPE barrel for ATO reservoir
Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO
EcoTech Vortech MP40QD with mobius control (Qty 2)
Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid 48" fixture
4+2 spare ATI T5HO bulbs (purple plus, actinic, aquablue special, blue plus x2, coral plus)
Kessil A360WE with circular mounts (Qty 3)
Kessil Controller
Aquatic Life Suspension kit (white)
EcoTech Vectra M2 – 2000gph, mobius control
Vectra barb and screen kit
Kessil H160 Tuna Flora refugium light
Red Sea RSK300 with wiper
Kessil H160 Refugium Light 1
Pentair 40W UV Sterilizer
BRS mini reactor with ROX 0.8 carbon
Jebao auto dosing 3 head pump 3
500W and 300W heaters with separate controllers
32 gallon Brute trash can with lid and dolly
Sicce Ultra Zero Utility Pump
50’ Python water change system
Algae Free algae scraper – hammerhead plus
EcoTech Vortech battery backup
EcoTech Vectra battery backup cable
ESV calcium and alkalinity solutions unopened, 4 gallons each
filters socks (Qty 12)
Testing kits (Hanna – salinity, alkalinity, ULR PO4, Salifert – pH, Red Sea – Ca Pro, NYOS – NO3, Aquaforest – Mg)
Zacro auto feeder
variety of plumbing accessories
variety of dried and frozen foods
ROX 0.8 BRS carbon for carbon reactor
Variety of useful but miscellaneous stuff

Emperor Angel
Flame Angel
Bicolor Angel
Powder Blue Tang
Desjardini Sailfin Tang
Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tang
Melanurus Wrasse
Longnose Butterfly
Strawberry Basslet
Bicolor Foxface
Caribbean Jewel Damsel
Mated pair of Clarkii clowns
Pair of Dispar Anthias
Pair of Pajama Cardinals
Rainbow bubble tip anemone (Qty 4)
Mated pair of blood red fire shrimp
Mated pair of skunk cleaner shrimp
Blue tuxedo urchin
Pencil urchin
Variety of snails
Fighting conches (Qty 3)

pink Frogspawn
peach branching hammer
yellow/purple splatter hammer
bicolor hammer
three different acan colonies
several pulsing xenia
various zoanthids (pink zipper, scrambled eggs, infinity, eagle eye, others)
lemon lime clove polyps
candy corn clove polyps
TSA fireworks clove polyps
green slimer acropora
several long polyp toadstools
green/orange/purple brain coral
red brain coral
couple of setosa
green cabbage coral
green cap montipora
red cap montipora
purple cap montipora
several kenya tree corals
several red mushrooms
a few green mushrooms
a few other SPS
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