Sold Tons of equipment, super cheap to free - late notice available tomorrow AM.


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Jul 9, 2021
I posted in another forum not knowing y'all have moved, but I fully support the move and the reason for it.

Hi there. I posted a while ago about a ton of stuff I need to get rid of - had no takers.

It's time for it to go. Some pics below from several months ago so you know what you are getting into. Nothing has really changed since then ...

I'll be opening up the garage with the following list of stuff from 10 to 12 tomorrow. I'm in Tempe just off University and Hardy
(PM me for address and I will respond tonight or first thing in the morning)

Most of it is not clean, at all. (Some stuff is) the garage is in chaos. Best offer for most of this stuff at this point.
I will only offer up early access to someone wishing to take everything. Otherwise please show up at or after 10:00 AM tomorrow.

Here are the main things available, but there is a bunch of other random stuff too:

5 stage 150 gpd RODI from Spectrapure w/float Switch in 55 gallon drum to hold water with pump (I think a mag drive).
Full QT set up with sump, skimmer, vortex? wave maker & 2 Kessil 150’s on a rack (see pics)
Remote sump solution also on racks includes a 40 gallon fuge, 40 gallon frag tank, 40 gallon sump all on a bakers rack and plumbed together.
This rack is pretty rusty, and I think would likely need a fair amount of elbow grease to get attractive.
Neptune Systems Apex / Aquacontroller with wifi, and a ton of expansion energy bars probes, etc.
An older ReefKeeper Elite with a few expansion bars
Bubble Magus Doser
Some other giant dosing system
Ocean Motions with mag drive motor 4 port
Reeflo Super Dart Gold return pump (Dead silent and pushes a TON of flow)
One or two big reactors for phosban or charcoal
Another bubble magus skimmer I think.
5 Kessil 360 wide tuna currently in modified Authentic Japanese SuperKaru fixtures (I have the MH ballasts for them if you want to convert back to original) and some 3 or 4 barn doors.
Comes with Kessell controller etc for the Apex Aquacontroller.
3 Authentic Japanese MH (DE) fixtures and bulbs. These are the MT 150’s.
4 or 5 older par 38 spots
2 chillers
Some heaters and controllers and stuff
An old DJ switch or two
Par Meter
Tons of testing equipment salinity checkers, etc.
Giant Orca 250 skimmer
Older 3' MH & PC hood
More misc parts/buckets/BRS additives in 5 gallon buckets/random stuff/Brute trashcan on rollers, etc etc etc...



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Jun 21, 2021
Right on! there's some gems in there for sure, if you weren't so far, I would probably try to get a few things on the list.