Who am I?


The Wrasse Guy
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Jun 21, 2021
Phoenix, AZ
A quick bio on myself, for anyone who doesn't yet know me:
Hunter Hammond, aka "evolved", is a marine hobbyist who currently keeps a 270g peninsula reef in his living room featuring numerous rare wrasses. He is a knowledgeable leader in the captive care of all reef-safe wrasses and has written numerous articles on the topic. Hunter was a speaker at MACNA 2017, RAP 2019, and a panelist at Mini-Macna 2021. In his local community, he has acted as the club president for AZ FRAG for several years. Additionally, on a national level, he is involved with the Rainbow Reefers. He has been in the marine hobby since 2009 and lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his husband and their Thai Ridgeback dog. Hunter’s professional career is in the aerospace propulsion engine industry as a structures engineer.

I also have my own website, where you can find my wrasse articles:

And, if you know me from R2R from the past, I have a statement about such also on my site:

I hope everyone can feel at home here, and hope to build a solid local community!