Want to Buy WTB 20 gallon sump


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Jun 17, 2022
Deer valley
Looking to pick up a basic 20g sump. Not looking for anything fancy, just a basic 2-3 chamber, size is more important. A 20 long is probably too long for what I’m looking for.

Let me know what you’ve got laying around!


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Jun 28, 2021
you could make one out of a 20 gallon tank. Petco has tanks on sale. Then buy filter cups (I like them better than filter socks, since you can just put filter pads inside them and then just throw away the pads )and a few pieces of glass and make your chambers. I put 4 filter cups in the sump I built for my 300. I make mine out of cast acrylic. Making another for a friend. Sal

300 sump 60x24x18.jpg

300 sump filter cups area.jpg